Hi, I’m Dr Kate Tomas.

I had the idea for Ouroboros Limited Editions about twenty years ago, when I had just started to learn about real magick, esoterica, and occult sciences. I have always adored vintage and antique jewellery and collected unusual and old pieces in a very limited capacity. When I pursued initiation into an occult school in the Western esoteric tradition, I learnt about the creation of talismans, and had the idea to bring my love of antique gold and powerful positive magick together. 

I have worked as a full-time professional magickal practitioner for ten years, with a couple of breaks to pursue my Masters degree in Cosmology, and doctoral Degree in Philosophical Theology. This unique combination of expertise has served me well as I worked to build up a world-class divination practice, as well as a life-altering spiritual mentorship program for powerful, brilliant and kind women, called the Spiritual Life Upgrade.

This year, after many hours of thought, discussion, trial and success, Ouroboros Limited Editions was born.

Magick is real. For thousands of years people from every culture have studied, trained, practiced and applied magickal techniques, transforming everyday objects into world-shifting and life-altering talismans and amulets. Ouroboros Limited Editions is the result of over twenty years of such alchemical magickal work by me, Dr Kate Tomas, one of the world’s most successful and sought after magickal practitioners.

Amulets are magickal objects created with the intention of drawing in general good fortune or protection. Talismans are magickal objects created with very specific intentions. An example of an amulet is the Seal of Solomon; a magickal glyph that is meant to protect the wearer from all harm. A physical representation of the Seal of Solomon becomes a talisman when it is taken through a highly curated and ritualised process whereby specific protective energy – such as that gained by invoking St Michael the Archangel – is sealed into the object.

The timing of the creation of talismans is of the highest importance. Each magickal ritual to create the talismans is conducted on a carefully chosen astrological election. The astrology used to find these potent and rare elections is performed by election Astrologer Haley Smith, to the highest possible professional talsimanic astrological standard. Haley spends many hours and calculations taking into account the position and placement of every astrological body, any retrogrades, any less-than auspicious placements and interfereing energies to reveal the most powerful and auspicious date and hour for the ritual magick to be performed. You can read more about Haley and her powerful work, below.

The talismans brought to life by me are unlike anything else found on this earth. Ouroboros Limited Editions are true pieces of power – individual solid gold magickal charms imbued with powerful chants, energy and power to guard you from negativity, and draw to you that which you desire and deserve.

These are not just beautiful decorative items, they are powerful magickal objects created with intention, attention and power. Treat them with the respect and reverence they deserve, and they will become powerful allies in the creation of the world you want.

Haley Smith, Ouroboros Limited Editions Astrologer

Haley Smith is an astrologer who weaves collective liberation and personal transformation through the ancient practice of astrology. Her work is rooted in decolonizing, healing, and bringing people back to the truth of who they are. Haley’s work is a radical affront to the systems of oppression designed to disconnect people from themselves and from the fullest expression of their deepest power and gifts. 

A self-taught student of astrology for almost a decade, Haley weaves myth, magic, Black feminism, and more in her work. She has collaborated with individuals, companies, and leadership teams to apply astrology as a tool for both personal growth and business strategy. Additionally, she spent a year in Malaysia as a Fulbright scholar teaching English and building international solidarity in the movement for Black lives. Haley’s work to weave new futures spans many pathways and many lands –– and the work continues.

She can be booked for consultations and other inquiries for collaboration at her website, and followed on Instagram and Spotify.


Ames Petrossi, Ouroboros Limited Editions Producer


Ames Petrossi is a multi-talented producer specialising in fashion editorials and high-end luxury products.

Once a hardcore materialist, they have witnessed and experienced the very real world impact of magickal work. 

Based in Manhattan for many years, they have produced shoots for clients such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Tiffany & Co., and Prada, to name a few. Now they produce shoots for Ouroboros Limited Editions.


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