How do you price the pieces?

The price of each talisman is comprised of three factors:

  1. The value of the magickal expertise, experience and hours of work required to create each talisman. Before the process and ritual to create each talisman is even begun, over twenty years of magickal study, academic study, and personal hands-on experience has been completed and endured. Another fifteen years of in-depth study by our world-class election astrologer was necessary before she sat down for many hours to ascertain the precise timing of each ritual. Then, the ritual itself took place, taking many further hours. At least 35 years of combined study, practice and experience, and 20 hours of actual ritual practice have gone into each Ouroboros Limited Editions Talisman. None of this is easy to come by or cheap.
  2. The weight of the gold in each piece. This is calculated according to gold spot price per gram.
  3. The rarity of the original piece of jewellery used to create the talisman.

Nothing about Ouroboros Limited Editions is easy to come-by or of low value. Everything we do, everything ounce of energy we put into each and every item, is of the highest integrity and authenticity. 

In the past, when magickal talismans were made for royalty, they would have cost the equivalent of the cost of a house in today’s money. 


What is a talisman?

A talisman is a specially made magickal object created to give the owner specific powers, protection, and energy. True magickal talismans are created by adept magickal practitioners using ancient practices and ritual magick.

What energies or spirits are invoked or used in the creation of these Talismans?

Each magickal talisman was created using ritual designed first to cleanse and purify, and then to empower each talisman with the specific energy of their work. The infinitely powerful Saint Michael the Archangel was invoked (called in) to lend their power and protection to each piece.

How are magickal Talismans created?

In a process lasting many hours, Dr Kate Tomas performs various ancient rituals involving each of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Effective True Magick requires powerful and practiced concentration, experience and sensitivity to know when the spell has worked. 

It is a process that requires years of study, learning and practice to perfect, meaning there are very few people in the world able to create true magickal talismans.

The creation of a talisman occurs by imbuing specific magickal energies into a piece of gold, silver, or other crystal. Talismans can only be made with crystalline materials because it is the infinitely repeating internal atomic structure that offers space for the magick. When a Talisman is created the energy added to the object arranges itself in such a way that it occupies the intermolecular spaces.

How to Work With Your Talisman

Your talisman has been created with a very particular intention, imbued with all the power of the Universe towards that specific aim, and empowered to work with whomever claims it as their own. What this means is that the owner of the talisman needs to introduce themselves to it, and let it know that they are the owner and master of the energy contained within. This only needs to be done once.

To do this; Choose a time, according to the table below, and a place where you won’t be disturbed. Enter a state of deep relaxation by taking three deep grounding breaths.With your eyes closed hold the talisman in your hands and intend to connect to its energy. You are telepathically and physically introducing the talisman to your energy.

Greet it and communicate to it that you are its owner, and master of the energy contained within it. Visualize the best possible outcome imaginable from working with your talisman. If it is a Wealth and Entitlement to Money Talisman, visualise a huge bank balance and feeling comfortable wearing expensive clothing and driving an expensive car. Really tap into the emotion of the experience and feel it radiating from you and into the talisman in your hands. If It is a Love or Marriage Talisman, visualise and feel what it will feel like to be adored; tap into the feelings of excitement and attraction of being irresistible. The intention is to feel the emotion of your desires coming to fruition, and connect that to the talisman. You are giving the talisman instructions that align with your personal version of the intention it has been created for. Once you feel this energy build, start to feel immense gratitude to and for the talisman who has helped you achieve this desire. When that gratitude is powerfully built, repeat out loud three times: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is done!

When should I introduce myself to my talisman?

According to its intended aim, each talisman needs to be charged on a specific day. Money and entitlement to Wealth: Thursday to align with the energy of the planet Jupiter; ruler of business, prestige, power and wealth, or Sunday to align with the energy of the Sun; ruler of success, pride, fame and associated with fortune. Love, Sex and Marriage: Friday, to align with the planet Venus, ruler of pleasure, unions, attraction, sex, love, beauty. Sobriety and Protection: Saturday to align with the energy of the planet Saturn, ruler of self discipline, personal power, longevity, protection and purification.

How can I keep my talisman charged and working hard ?

Magickal Talismans are unique objects created with very specific intentions, in very specific ways. Your magickal talisman radiates magickal energy and will do so forever unless actively and intentionally destroyed. Although the magick contained in the talisman will not ever run out, certain practices will keep it radiating most powerfully. 

After you have charged and connected to your talisman, all you need to do to keep it working at its most powerful is to keep it clean both physically and energetically.

When not in use, or being worn, keep you talisman in its pouch. You can wear your talisman every day – many people do. If you choose to do this, make sure you cleanse it of any energies it may have accumulated at least once every month, and do this when the moon is waning. 

You can cleanse your talisman by passing it through the smoke of burning incense. Traditionally Myrrh or Frankincense would be used.  The best way to clean your talisman physically is with a special gold cleaning cloth. Avoid water as some antique talismans are very delicate and contain materials that can be destroyed by water.

Treat your talisman with the respect and reverence you would a highly respected magickal teacher.

The energy contained in it is ancient and powerful, and has the ability to support you in radically improving your life and your experience of life.

Do you accept refunds?

We don’t anticipate any of these Talismans coming back to us. Each Talisman is its own individual being with its own purpse, and we fundamentally believe it will find its way to its owner. If for any reason your Talisman arrives and you feel like somehow a mistake was made, please get in touch as soon as possible. You have 7 days to return the Talisman to us for a full refund. Talismans can only be returned once you have contacted us for a return code, and must be sent back fully insured and tracked. We would never want any of our Talismans to be somehwere they were not loved and respected.