April 11th 2021 Talismans of Protection, Boundaries and Courage

Blessed during the early hours of April 11, 2021, these protection talismans were ritually charged to evoke the highest embodiment of Aries – and fell on a new moon in that same sign. This particular date and time were chosen primarily for the abundance of celestial bodies traveling through Aries, a sign traditionally associated with the archetype of the warrior. Through this sign, we learn what it means to show up fully in our sovereignty and to fiercely, courageously advocate for ourselves, our values, and the ones we love.

New moons are powerful moments of time in which to set new cycles and endeavors in motion – and Aries flourishes in the new. In the pursuit of strengthened boundaries and protection, we are often meeting unmet lands within ourselves. Integrating healthy, vital expressions of the warrior archetype is often incredibly uncomfortable. The medicine of Aries is a potent ally in bravely embarking upon the unknown and taking the lead toward the new in our lives.

In the chart of these talismans, the Sun, Ascendant, Venus, Chiron, Ceres, Mercury, and the moon all fall in Aries in the first house of self, identity, and one’s very physicality – powerfully aiding you in honoring yourself in unprecedented ways.

Joining the stellium of planets in Aries is Mars in Gemini, the ruling planet of Aries, forming harmonious connections to the Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron. Mars here bolsters a sense of your ability to expand (Jupiter) into these new parts of yourself, and aids you in cultivating the courage it takes to stay committed to the healing (Chiron) that boundary making often invites us into. Saturn in Aquarius here forms supportive connections to the moon, Mercury, Chiron, and the nodes, infusing grounded Saturnian qualities into an otherwise fiery chart.

With these celestial configurations, Saturn helps you in accessing the more mature and integrated flavors of Aries – making your fight a focused, strategic, and steady flame, in lieu of the unfocused, sometimes brutish ways that Aries energy can manifest. These connections from Saturn also aid you in not straying from your boundaries once you have set them – and to instead have the fortitude to truly stick to the new structures you create for yourself. Saturn’s domain over structure, discipline, focus, and commitment imbues a welcome element of steadfastness as you endeavor into new pathways of personal boundaries and protection.