Dr Kate Tomas

Founder & Creator of Ouroboros Limited Editions

Hi, I'm Kate

I am a professional intuitive, academic, advisor and teacher.

I had the idea for Ouroboros Limited Editions over twenty years ago, when I had just started to learn about real magick, esoterica, and occult sciences.

I always adored vintage and antique jewellery and collected unusual and old pieces. I knew I wanted to bring my love of vintage jewellery and magick together somehow one day.

When I later pursued initiation into an occult school in the Western esoteric tradition, I learnt about the creation of talismans. I finally knew the way to bring my love of antique gold and powerful positive magick together.

For a long time I would create magickal talismans for myself and my friends, and then Ouroboros Limited Editions was born so they could be released into the world.

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More about my experience...

I hold a Doctoral Degree in Philosophical Theology from the University of Oxford and a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Religion from the University of Kent. My PhD thesis focused on the treatment of female mystics in the Catholic Church and I am recognised as a world expert in Mysticism and Catholic women mystics.

Alongside Ouroboros, I also have another company Fearless Femme where I see one-2-one clients alongside offering spiritual memberships, courses & masterclasses.

I teach a combination of ancient and modern spiritual practices, and magickal rituals, that engage your entire being and help you live a life you love without apology.

I have a thriving international practice as an intuitive advisor, and a best selling book (Chakra Crystals, 2007, 2019). I have also contributed to 3 of the Tashen Books; The Library of Esoterica.

My unique combination of expertise has served me well as I worked to build up a world-class divination practice, as well as a life-altering spiritual mentorship program for powerful, brilliant and kind women, called the Spiritual Life Upgrade.