The Astrology

The timing of the creation of talismans is of the highest importance. Each magickal ritual to create the talismans is conducted on a carefully chosen astrological election.

The astrology used to find these potent and rare elections is performed to the highest possible professional talismanic astrological standard.

Many hours and calculations are made taking into account the position and placement of every astrological body, any retrogrades, any less-than auspicious placements and interfereing energies to reveal the most powerful and auspicious date and hour for the ritual magick to be performed.

All timings are GMT

Love Talismans

Created on 25th Jan 2023 at 11.16pm

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The Love Talismans were created at an incredibly powerful moment astrologically; when the planet Venus (the goddess of love, beauty, attraction and harmony) is in its domicile, the 7th House of love and relationships. Not only this, but at this moment the Sun makes a trine (a harmonious aspect of 120 degrees) with the Part of Fortune; the astrological point that indicates our success and good fortune. When the planet of love is harmoniously activating success and good fortune, this is an exceptionally auspicious astrological moment for love and relationships. The Part of fortune at this moment is also in the sign of Gemini, making this talisman a powerful ally to assist in communication with those you love, making it easier and more natural to communicate your feelings.Also at this moment the Moon is trine to the asteroid Cupido, which is sitting in the passionate and deeply spiritual Scorpio.

There is no more powerful astrological event than Cupido being in Scorpio, for the creation, maintenance and calling in of passionate love.

Mercury is trine to Uranus at the moment these talismans were created; bringing unexpected encounters, as well as powers of problem solving and deep thinking into your relationships. The planet Mars, symbol of passion and anger is another very important celestial body to consider when choosing astrological moments to birth talismans, and here we have Mars in the sign of Gemini, forming a sextile with the asteroid of self healing, Chiron. This means that the positive forces of Chiron quell any anger we might encounter in love relationships, but most significantly, this anger is not simply subdued, it is instead dissolved through deeper self awareness and self love. Truly, one of the most powerful goals of all relationships.

Money Talismans

Created on 26th Jan 2023 at 8.19am

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The Money Talisman were created at an incredibly auspicious astrological moment for wealth creation and maintenance. Mercury (otherwise known as Hermes - the symbol of luxury); the planet of commerce, business and money is in the 2nd house of money, income and wealth. Not only this but the planet Jupiter; symbol of luck, good fortune and expansion is closely conjoined with the Sun (the symbol of gold) at 1 degree. The Sun is also in the 2nd house of money, whilst Jupiter is in the 4th house of the home; bringing financial security and stability to the family. This is a very beneficial aspect for accumulating wealth.

Finally, the planet Mars is forming a beautiful sextile aspect with the Part of Fortune; the astrological point that indicates our success and good fortune. This specific aspect is the sign of great success in life, and when combined with the other harmonious aspects of this astrological moment, results in an exceptionally powerful and auspicious moment for wealth and your entitlement to it.

Protection Talismans

Created on 25th Jan 2023 at 2.59pm

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The Protection Talismans were created with consideration of the most important celestial body related to protection, Saturn. Saturn governs boundaries, and authority. When in the 11th house it brings good luck, fortune and protection of those qualities as well as consistency, reliability, and stability. At the moment these talismans were consecrated, the Moon was in Pisces, making a sextile ( a very auspicious aspect) with the planet Pluto. This aspect brings a power and confidence that will make you feel unafraid; the energy imbued in this talisman will support you in being able to tackle problems with confidence and ease. This combination of Pluto making a sextile with the moon in Pisces, and Saturn in the 11th house brings a sense of power and intensity. Being perceived as confident and powerful not only earns you the respect from others, it is its own form of protection from harm.

The Sun at this moment is trine (a harmonious aspect of 120 degrees) with the Part of Fortune; the astrological point that indicates our success and good fortune. The Sun represents our self-identity - how we think of ourselves. The relationship between your self-identity and your good fortune suggests your capacity to feel worthy of your good fortune and incorporate your receipt of good fortune into your self-concept. In essence, this astrological moment supports you in thinking and feeling highly of yourself such that you enjoy and easily receive blessings from the universe.

These protection talismans will not only assist you in showing up with confidence and power, but also with the ability to express your needs and desires naturally and consistently, and importantly, for you to feel deeply entitled to any good fortune you may have.